Christmas Is A Coming....Part Two

I have a bunch of mini trees that I thought would look good decorated. The sort of threes you would find to cake baking department, Dollhouse or a craft store.

Trees (46) .JPG
Trees (47) .JPG

Over the years I have amassed quite a collection of bits and bobs…. beads, pompoms, sequins, diamante and a ton of glitter.

Trees (40) .JPG

Tools Required

Trees (55).JPG
Craft glue and Nail Art Rhinestones Beads Gems Picking Picker Pencil Pen Tool Thingy! These pencil things are about £1 ($1) and can be found in craft store or EBay. OK, so it’s not that you can’t do this without the pencil it’s just a lot easier.
For the pompoms, larger beads etc you can use fingers but the little beads and diamante the pencil is a big help. It has a sort of tacky nib and can pick up the little stones that fingers are just too big for. 
The pompoms I feel are a little big but hay-ho it’s got a fun look I think.

Trees (48) .JPG
Pom Poms

The pom poms I feel are a little big but hay-ho it’s got a fun look I think.

Trees (49) .JPG
Mini Stars

The stars are like mini sequins and can be found in craft departments

Trees (50).JPG
Trees (53) .JPG

I put these mini beads on in little groups so they show up better in the first picture and added a sequin star to the top. Bigger beads are added individually and I found this little gold star in the jewellery making section at my craft store.

Trees (51) .JPG


Dab on the glue and leave a minute then sprinkle with glitter (I used nail art glitter as it’s very fine)

Trees (52) .JPG

Trees (43) .JPG 

Although the sticky-back diamante can be used they do fall off very easily so loose gems in this case work better. My mini loose gems I bought from Avon  (in the sale) they are nail art gems.

Trees (44) .JPG
When adding the tree toppers they can be a little heavy so I lay mine down propped up on a bead box to keep it flat. Above are all on the tiny trees.

Trees (54) .JPG


The Bigger Trees


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